Thank you to our donors

Thank you to the generous donors, members and community friends whose gifts support the work of the Village, contributing to the well-being of individuals, families and the community as of June 30, 2018.

Gifts of $10,000 or more

Anonymous Family Foundation
Mary Ann Schwartz & Richard Brewer
Hollis Hines
Kathie & Bob Kolodgy
Mayflower Cruises & Tours
Sand Valley Golf Resort
The Retirement Research Foundation
The Terry Group
Ruth Ann & Tom Watkins

Gifts of $5,000-$9,999

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Helen Brach Foundation
Chicago Innovation
Larry & Charlotte Damron
Patricia A. Clickener
DePaul University’s Office of Community and Government Relations
Joan Goldstein
Alan & Janet Lougée
Raymond James & Associates – Eric Mayer and Therese Meike
Bob & Emily Spoerri
Dick Sullivan
Donna and Dirk Vos
Mel & Pam Washburn
The Abra & Jim Wilkin Family Fund

Gifts of $1,000-$4,999

AARP Foundation
Anonymous (3)
Balance Chicago
Noelle Brock & Tom Keim
Timothy R. & Eloise Barron
Boka Restaurant Group
Ellen Stone Belic
Timothy Boudreau
John & Judy Bross
Dianne & Tom Campbell
Charles Schwab and Co.
Chicago Humanities Festival
Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
CityWide SuperSlow – Strength + Fitness
The Clare
Stefanie Clark
Daniel Cyganowski
Dos Casas Hotel & Spa
Philip & Marsha Dowd
Estia & Deborah Eichten
Julia Farwell
Nancy Felton-Elkins
Irene Frye
Camillo & Arlene Ghiron
Paula Giannini & Gerald Nordland
Roger & Beate Halligan
Jack Hartray
Hearing Health Center – Dr. Ronna Fisher
Jayne A. Hultman
Jerome H. Stone Family Foundation
Beth & Fred Joosten
Tom & Susan Kuczmarski
Lakshmi Foundation
Lynn & Eva Maddox
Mather LifeWays
Therese Meike
Melville Family Foundation
Gail C. Moss
Lettuce Entertain You
Luigi Mumford
Ocean Reef Club
Old Town Triangle Association
Gerhard Perschke
Gilli C. Quarterman
Roth Family Foundation
Stephen & Leatrice Berman Sandler
William Schey & Linda Randall
The Selfhelp Home
John Simonds
Theresa & David Snyder
Michael & Judith Spock
Richard & Lois Stuckey
Rona Talcott & Owen Deutsch
Pat & Cliff Terry
Karen & Tom Terry
Deb Trout
Jay & Kelly Tunney
United Capital Financial Advisers LLC
Linda Usher & Malcolm Lambe
John & Marcia Volk
Janet & Anthony Walters
Liz Ware & Wally Shah

Gifts under $1,000

2018 Donor List