The Village responds to more than 100 new service requests from members every month. From helping a member Skype with a friend she hadn’t seen in over twenty years to jump starting a fellow member’s car on a cold winter day, the Village has fulfilled thousands of service requests by connecting, recommending and supporting members. Some service requests are simple – others are more complex.

Changing Needs
The Village supports members experiencing life transitions that require information, services, or facilities. Whether it’s a move, a health challenge, retirement, or a change in financial or family status, the Village helps its members navigate through transitions and addresses changing needs by providing solid connections and trusted resources.

Village volunteer drivers provide members with more than just transportation to appointments. These rides offer an opportunity to make connections and build friendships. Riders enjoy companionship, reliable assistance, and often perks such as help with grocery shopping, door-to-door escorting, or drive-by commentary on Chicago landmarks and sites.

Tech support
Technology is crucial to staying connected. That’s why the Village has both volunteer and vetted providers to supply tech support for members. There are also before-hours tutorials at the Apple Store and workshops with students at a local high school to help members learn and stay current. And, our office employs the latest technology to ensure accessibility between staff and members.

Give help, get help
The Village has a spontaneous culture of giving back. One member who needed rides reciprocated by organizing weekly film outings. Another treated someone who helped him solve computer issues to a home-cooked meal. Members good at gardening, problem solving, or navigating health insurance can find those in need of these skills who possess other gifts they are willing to share.

Referral to expertise
Whether it’s a house sitter, legal counsel, or a trusted knee surgeon, the Village can find and vet the resources you require. Need someone to care for your cat? shovel your walk? help you plan your financial future? retrofit your bathroom? The Village has a vast number of trusted resources and will connect you with the one you need.