Liz Metzger


Liz is currently an occupational therapist and global professional instructor with the Dementia Care Specialists, a part of the Crisis Prevention Institute. Liz has worked as an OT on the North and West sides of Chicago. She serves on the American Occupational Therapy Association’s Commission on Practice which helps establish guidelines and best practice recommendations for occupational therapy practitioners across the country. Liz has served on the Board for the Allen Cognitive Network since 2011 and holds the position of treasurer. Liz has the unique distinction of being the Village Chicago’s first intern in 2009 and has since served in many roles within the Village including Village Birthday Party coordinator, long standing member of the Health and Wellness Initiative, previous co-chair of the decision-making subcommittee, and key member in the internal team who helped create the framework for the brain health and memory loss program, and founding whip of the Intergenerational Board. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, Avi, and daughter, Adele and mom, Judy.