Lincoln Park, Revisited: A Q&A with Author Melanie Ann Apel

Wednesday, April 15, 11:00 AM–12:30 PM. Virtual event via Zoom. Member & guests–free. Book pre-order available for $22. To register, please email and we will send you the program details.

Lincoln Park, Chicago and Lincoln Park, Revisited take neighbors and visitors on a pictorial tour of our neighborhood’s history from its humble beginnings as a German-settled town to its growth as one of the most predominant neighborhoods in Chicago. The author, Lincoln Park native, Melanie Ann Apel will chat with members about how these books came to be, the research process behind them and how creating these books a decade apart were vastly different experiences. Members can pre-order the book(s) for $22 each, with free home delivery included!
About the Author: Melanie Ann Apel lives in the upstairs flat of the house she grew up in right in the heart of Lincoln Park. She has watched the neighborhood evolve from a savory area with rooming houses on every block through the “yuppie” era to the bustling, higher-income neighborhood that now draws families with young children bound for Lincoln Elementary School. Melanie’s boys followed her path (literally) and attended Lincoln Elementary from kindergarten through 8th grade, allowing Melanie to participate in the school as a parent. Her elder son followed Melanie’s path to Lincoln Park High School as well.