Life 3.0


Life 3.0 reboot, reframe, reinvent

Members who have just retired (or are about to) often find themselves asking “what now?” They say, “I have a lot to give but I haven’t found the right vehicle yet.” Or “I’ve switched to a string of activities but none are challenging enough.” Or “I stay socially busy but finding a meaningful life purpose still eludes me.”

In response to this, the Village created Life 3.0 – a program that provides resources to navigate the transition to a new stage of life. Stimulating programming will help members find ways to use their valuable talent and experience, and guide their exploration of new territories and opportunities.

Programming includes:

  • “Go Boldly Forth” – Inspiring speakers who know how to achieve goals and succeed when facing challenges.
  • Lightning Talks – First person stories about “unretirement” adventures.
  • Seminars – Be who you always wanted to be: Don’t leave anything on the table.

What’s waiting for you?

The Village can help you find out with Life 3.0.  To see upcoming events, please view the right side of this page.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Sunday, January 19
Life 3.0 Presents Game Night!

Tuesday, November 12
Connect with Cooking: The Feast

Monday, May 6
Connect with Cooking: Creative Cooking Hacks 

Wednesday, December 5
Innovation for the Ages

Wednesday, October 10
Life 3.0 Presents Connect with Cooking: Brunch!

Wednesday, July 18
Life 3.0 Presents New Season, New Style: Look Beautiful at Any Age

Monday, July 16
Life 3.0 Presents Connect with Cooking: Salads!

Monday, June 25
Life 3.0 Presents Tom & Susan Kuczmarski: Lunch & Learn

Monday, June 18
Life 3.0 Presents Not Ready to Retire: A Discussion of “Unretirement Adventures”

Thursday, May 24
Life 3.0 Presents Joy Loverde at the Sulzer Public Library

Friday, May 4
Life 3.0 Presents Eva Maddox: Lunch & Learn

Monday, March 26
Life 3.0 Presents Connect With Cooking: Comfort Foods!

Thursday, March 22
Life 3.0 Presents A Beautiful Mind: Meditation for Relaxation & Well-Being

Thursday, February 22
Life 3.0 Presents New Year, New You: Look Beautiful at Any Age

Thursday, January 11
Life 3.0: Communicating Your Ideas

Thursday, October 19
Finding My Badass Self with Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

Monday, September 25
Life 3.0 Presents Connect with Cooking: Small Plates!

Monday, June 26
Life 3.0 Presents Cooking Elegantly for 1 or 2: Easy Entrees & Special Sides

Tuesday, July 25
Mastering Social Media

Wednesday, March 29
Reinventing Yourself At Any Age With Authors and Aging Activists Meredith Maran and Elaine Soloway