Life 3.0


Life 3.0

Members who have just retired (or are about to) often find themselves asking “what now?” They say, “I have a lot to give but I haven’t found the right vehicle yet.” Or “I’ve switched to a string of activities but none are challenging enough.” Or “I stay socially busy but finding a meaningful life purpose still eludes me.”

In response to this, the Village created Life 3.0 – a program that provides resources to navigate the transition to a new stage of life. Stimulating programming will help members find ways to use their valuable talent and experience, and guide their exploration of new territories and opportunities.

Programming includes:

  • “Go Boldly Forth” – Inspiring speakers who know how to achieve goals and succeed when facing challenges.
  • Lightning Talks – First person stories about “unretirement” adventures.
  • Seminars – Be who you always wanted to be: Don’t leave anything on the table.

What’s waiting for you?

The Village can help you find out with Life 3.0.  To see upcoming events, please view the right side of this page.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned.

Past Events

Wednesday, March 29
Reinventing Yourself At Any Age With Authors and Aging Activists Meredith Maran and Elaine Soloway

Saturday, February 4
Small Moves To Change Your Life—and How to Make Them

Thursday, January 12
Go Boldly Forth: Lightning Talks about “UnRetirement” Adventures

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Innovation for the Ages

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Two Innovation Rock Stars! Pizza Legend Paulie Gee Interviewed by Chicago Innovation Awards co-founder, Tom Kuczmarski

October 20, 2016
Go Boldly Forth: Lightning Talks about “UnRetirement” Adventures

September 17, 2016
Beyond the Bucket List – The Surprising Potential of Life’s Third Act

June 9, 2016:
Lightning Talks—Adventures in “Unretirement”.

May 24, 2016:
Go Boldly Forth—Adventures in self-discovery with John Huston, polar explorer. Joint program with The Newberry.

April 30, 2016:
Aging into Possibility—Joint program with the Replogle Center.

March 12, 2016:
Life Re-imagined Workshop—Joint program with AARP.

January, 2015:
Chris Farrell: Unretirement: How Baby Boomers Are Changing the Way We Think About Work, Community and the Good Life.