Connecting Generations

Connecting Generations

Connecting Generations

Multi-generational relationships are integral to the Village’s mission of inclusiveness and well-being and we are committed to building age-integrated workplaces and communities.

The Bridging Generations Professionals Board

Launched in 2019, The Bridging Generations Professionals Board is a group of young adults who firmly believe in the importance of intergenerational relationships at work and in the community. The events they have organized include book, short story and documentary discussion groups; intimate intergenerational dinners, community volunteerism, Trivia nights and more.

Meet the Bridgers

Brad Baum + Jennifer Clifford + Kate Curler + Dominic DiPuccio + RaShawn Fitzgerald + Lauren Hollasch + Heather Johnson + Lauren Kaplan + Lovey Kaur + Michele Kehrer + Emily Kolodgy + Molly Matthias + Liz Metzger + Avery Stone Fish + Jonathan Tague

Ageless Innovators

The Village Chicago in partnership with Chicago Innovation has established
Ageless Innovators, Chicago’s first multi-generational co-mentoring program.

Meet the Innovators (Cohort 3)


Connecting Generations Experiences

We collecting and sharing stories from Village members who have made wonderful connections with people of other generations.


An Uproariously Useful Asset

In 2012, Village member Jane Curry was recruited by the Prosthetics and Orthotics Center at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine to become an “educational model” in the training program for students learning how to make and fit prosthetic devices. Jane was asked because since the age of 14 she has been an above the elbow amputee, a rare disability.

And that is how a woman in her 70’s got deeply involved with a series of students in their 20’s.

The work that educational models is difficult, but rewarding. Jane says, “When 5 students are simultaneously building you five separate prosthetic arms, most for the first time, within a limited time frame, AND you’re working to help them succeed… you are building very close-in relationships.”

Jane says it’s one of the best things she’s ever done ”I know these students will carry parts of me into their professional futures. And besides, it’s just so much fun!” Jane says it’s one of the best things she’s ever done

“But best of all there is nothing sweeter than taking what is clearly a deficit and turning it into an uproariously useful asset.”