The Village Chicago is a vibrant, inclusive community of adults age 50+ who come together to have fun, make new friends, and support each other as they navigate the new longevity. Many Village members choose to stay in their own homes and neighborhoods as they age. This choice keeps them rooted in intergenerational neighborhoods, while their Village membership connects them to a community of peers that spans Chicago’s north side. Members have the security of knowing that if help is needed the staff, volunteers, and an extensive network of trusted resources are at the ready.

Founded by three couples in 2009 as a non-profit member-led organization, the Village is now more than 425 members strong. Crain’s Chicago Business described The Village Chicago as “at the forefront of the nationwide Village movement” – a movement that is now international with 190 Villages in operation, inventing a new future for older adults everywhere.

Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles


The mission of The Village Chicago is to enhance the quality of life and the well-being of individuals as we live longer, so that we remain integral, vibrant and contributing members of our communities.


The vision of The Village Chicago is to be a leader in enriching the experience of aging in our communities and a model for the nation.

Guiding Principles

  • Inclusiveness
  • Compassion
  • Interdependence through mutual support
  • Member-led
  • Sustainable growth and fiscal discipline


It was 2007 and a New York Times article describing Boston’s Beacon Hill Village inspired longtime friends, the Freeds, the Spocks, and the Zartmans, to establish a Village on Chicago’s north side. Observing the start-up, Irene Frye, Executive Director of The Retirement Research Foundation commented:

“From the very outset, they did everything right. They asset mapped existing resources to avoid duplication; they researched the needs and interests of potential members and involved their local elected representatives and institutions. They built the board to provide leadership across skill sets and most importantly, they waited until they could deliver on the mission before launching.”

The Village is guided by a 3-year strategic plan, a committed board and the interests and needs of an active, diverse membership. The Village grew organically from its Lincoln Park origin and now has members living from the South Loop to Edgewater and everywhere in between. In 2017, with 54% of member households outside of Lincoln Park, the Village changes its name to The Village Chicago.

In February, 2008, Dianne Campbell assumed the position of Founding Executive Director from which she stepped down in January, 2019. She was pivotal in building a vital, well-run organization. She is also someone who might show up at your door with hot soup – a distinguishing quality that has shaped the Village into the successful, caring powerhouse it is today.

The Village Chicago Strategic Plan 2016-2019


In support of mission, vision and guiding principles:

Address the issues created by expanded geographic base

Develop leadership throughout the organization

Maintain a fiscally sound organization

Develop a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy
to broaden and deepen understanding of the Village

Continue to be an innovative learning lab, having a positive impact on member well-being through innovative, demographically segmented programming

Increase impact on issues of importance to members and the community through advocacy

Life After 50 Video

Video by Richard C. Christian, Jr. of Sedgwick Productions.

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